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VitaStik Calm Formula

Vanilla Green-Tea Waters with Valerian EXTRACT


Aromatherapy has never been so easy! There is something about flavors and scents ... doctors say the sense of smell has the strongest effect and emotional tie to the soul and mind.  

  • Flavor / Aroma Scent... is fantastic and highly calming! Vanilla Green Tea, with a hint of Ginger and Rose Oils.
  • Effect... Ginger Oils, Rose Oils, Valerian Root Extract are all well known to have Calming, Soothing, and Healing Effects.
  • All VitaStik Vitamin Diffusers are Powered with Vitamin C, B2, B6, and 20 Daily Servings of Vitamin B12.
  • The combination of these together is ...well, CALMING and Peaceful.
  • SAFE WATER BASED FORMULAS: Like steam from a hot shower, but infused with herbs, extracts, and vitamins.

We use Crushed Edible Organic Vanilla, Roses, Ginger, Green-Tea (No caffeine), Essential Oils, Vitamins, and Valerian Root to power our VitaStik Calm Stick. 

Every day we get feedback about this Formula helping people Calm, deal with Anxiety Attacks, Stress, PTSD, Worries, and other related symptoms. See the Verified Customer Reviews below.

We designed this Formula to Calm the mind via the sense of smell and aromatherapy. The Essential Oil and Herb Blend used works to create a Calming Aura that can linger in the air for hours.  

Vanilla Waters

  • Nature Most Prized Flavor
  • Calming Scent
  • Sweet Warm Aromas

Green Tea

  • Tea is known for Calming Properties

  • Antioxidants

  • Caffeine Free


Valerian Root

  • Calming Extracts
  • Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, PTSD
  • 100% Edible Organics

Click the Video Below to see 1 of 4 Methods To Use VitaStik. Below is the "Blow Through Method" of Use for our Breath Activated Handheld Diffuser. This allows you to use our personal handheld diffuser stick exactly like a standard essential oil diffuser but without all the trouble of wires, oils, and cleaning.

CALM - Vanilla Green-Tea With Valerian Aromatherapy for Anxiety

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